Adios Stress Coaching

Who am I ?

Hi, I am Nathalie Ruhmann

I lived and travelled abroad for many years, in different countries and cultures. In the past fifteen years I mainly worked with immigrants, refugees and expats in Australia and the Netherlands, first as a language trainer and now also as a life coach. The step from trainer to coach is small, so is the step from focus on language to focus on the person.

I worked in many different industries before; from travel agencies to advertising to IT and know what it is like to work in large and small companies.

I have always liked to help people fit in in their new surroundings, encourage them to accept and welcome change and benefit from it. I also believe in the functionality of good stress and the damage negative stress can do, both to body and mind.


I am energetic, result driven, emphatic, challenging and passionate about getting the best out of life.

I chose to get my coaching diploma at the Holistic Coaching Academy because of their approach of the whole (holistic) of the human being and not only a small part. The Academy focuses on the importance of good diet and exercise and on dealing with stress by means of different relaxation and breathing techniques. Foremost, its priority is on life coaching, on learning how to really listen, how to keep asking, even when things gets emotional or uncomfortable. I use numerous techniques, the likes of Co-active Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP and more.