Adios Stress Coaching

About coaching

Are you looking for change? Are you ready for change? 
I can guide you in this process.

It can be a change in your thought patterns, your relationship with others, private or in business. Perhaps you just want a little less stress and to take it easier in life.

We will have a look at the whole picture and focus on those aspects you would like to change.

With a little steering, the right questions and different coaching techniques I can help you deal better, figure out what it is you really want and help you discover your full potential.


I will not give you a quick fix, advice nor hand you solutions; I will help you get more insight and clarity and help you find your own solutions. Nobody knows your thoughts and problems better than you do, and together we will find ways to ( better) deal with them.

I will challenge you to have an honest look at yourself, your abilities, your strengths and weaknesses, your pitfalls and your motivation.

We will observe your present thought patterns and see where we can make a shift. You will learn to observe yourself, others and life in general from different perspectives.

Natuurlijk coach ik ook mensen in het Nederlands.