Adios Stress Coaching

Make stress work for you.

Do you want to get rid of negative stress that is keeping you from reaching your potential and draining you of energy?

Reduce negative stress and use positive stress!

Positive stress helps you accomplish difficult and challenging tasks in life and at work. It also keeps you motivated and moving forward.

In the coaching sessions I will provide you with tools so that you can start turning negative stress in positive, functional energy and change your perspective on stress.

What is a life coach really?

 A life coach helps you gain awareness of and clarify your personal issues, goals and priorities, better understand your thoughts, feelings and options, and take action to make the desired changes in your life, accomplish your goals, and feel more fulfilled.

Are you struggling to adapt to the 'new normal', or the weather and the culture in your new country?

Would you like some help adapting to new circumstances or understanding the Netherlands and the Dutch better and fit in with more ease? Do you feel that you are not reaching your full potential at this moment and place in time? As a life coach I can help you out.

Call me for more information or fill in the form.

Natuurlijk coach ik ook mensen in het Nederlands. Kun je wel wat hulp gebruiken je draai te vinden in dit ‘nieuwe normaal’? Bel me voor een gratis en vrijblijvende kennsimaking of vul het aanvraagformulier hier in.

Warme groet, Nathalie